Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Not to Feed Your Dog

There are many foods humans eat that may not be suitable for dogs. Although we want to provide our pets with foods that they love, we also want to be mindful of foods that may cause our dogs to become ill or develop serious health issues. As a loving dog owner, you should know what foods to avoid ever giving to your dog:


For humans, we eat grapes as a low-carb, low-fat snack. However, even a few of these healthy treats can do damage to a dog. Grapes have been known to attack the kidneys in a dog, which can lead to many health issues including death. The first signs of grape toxicity are increased tiredness and vomiting.


Many people love eating avocados, using them to make guacamole or as an addition to a salad. Even though many dogs also love the taste of avocados, this fruit can quickly make your dog sick. Even small traces of avocados can lead to vomiting and lethargy for your dog. When making that fancy guacamole dip, don't let your dog lick the remnants in the bowl because it can cause many health problems.


Like most animals, alcohol has the same effect on dogs as it does on humans. However, vets state that dogs metabolize alcohol at a completely different rate than that of humans. Just a small amount of alcohol can do a great deal of damage to a dog's liver, stomach, and digestive system. Since dogs are innately inquisitive, make sure to place that glass of wine or beer out of reach.

Onions and Garlic

Looking to create a healthy treat for your dog using onions and garlic? Think again, because these two ingredients can really affect your dog’s health. Both of these ingredients have been known to attack the cardiovascular system of a dog. They can prevent an adequate amount of oxygen from traveling through the blood and can even cause red blood cells to break. On a regular basis, both of these items can lead to many health issues including anemia. For your dog, it is best to stay away from both onions and garlic.

Peaches and Plums

Both of these items can be a great way for humans to receive nutrients. However, remember that the pits of both of these fruits contain cyanide, a substance that can poison your dog. If you really would like to feed your dog a peach or a plum, just give him or her the fruit only and throw away the pit immediately. However, that can be labor intensive, and there are plenty of healthy dog treats that don’t have a pit.

When looking to provide healthy treats for your dog, remember that there are certain foods that are poisonous. Avoid the above foods to prevent any health complications within your dog. There are also many more foods, such as chocolate and nuts that should be avoided, so make sure you talk to your vet and investigate all of the appropriate food options for a dog.


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