Wednesday, March 1, 2017

7 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe When It's Cold Outside

Just like humans, pets are affected by the extreme temperatures that come and go throughout the year. The cold in particular can be difficult and even dangerous for animals, which is why it's important for pet parents to keep them safe. If you're looking for ways to keep a furry member of your family in good health when it's cold out, the following tips can help:

1. Bring Them Inside
Even if your pet enjoys being outdoors, extremely low temperatures can be dangerous for extended stays when it's cold out. Other than bathroom trips and letting them play for a few minutes, it's recommended to bring your pet inside. This is especially important at night, as temperatures tend to drop even further.
2. Provide Them With Clothing
If your pet doesn't have a lot of fur or is lightweight, then you may want to purchase clothing for them to wear. There are sweaters and even shoes to choose from that are available for dogs and cats of all sizes.
3. Create a Shelter
For cat owners in particular, it may be difficult to get a feline to come inside at night. If you're in this situation with an indoor/outdoor cat, then make a DIY shelter for them to sleep in when they're done exploring. There are many videos online for how to make these. Many simply require a plastic storage tub, blanket and water bowl.
If your dog enjoys being outdoors during the day, build or buy them a shelter as well. Make sure this is lifted a few inches off of the ground and is covered inside with straw for a source of warmth.
4. Wipe Paws
When you begin using salt to help melt snow and ice, it's important to wipe your pet's paws off regularly. If they were to lick this, it could be hazardous to their health. Our paw wax is also a great way to create a protective barrier for your dogs' paws.
5. Don't Forget Nutrition
If your dog is staying indoors when the temperature drops, then Pet Wants recommends controlling its calories with our less active blend.
6. Check Your Car's Hood
During the winter, small animals often seek shelter in car hoods to help keep them warm. To ensure you scare any pets or other animals out, simply hit your car's hood before you drive.
7. Dry Them Off
When it's raining or snowing, it's crucial to dry your pet off with a warm towel once they come in from the outdoors. Give them a comfortable place to lay as well, preferably on a dry dog or cat bed.
Beating Winter Weather

A good rule of thumb is if it's too cold for you to stay outside, then it's probably too cold for your pet as well. Use your best judgment when it comes to taking care of your dog or cat when temperatures drop. By doing so, you'll ensure they are able to enjoy the winter months without risking their safety.

Get The Scoop On Why Dogs Sleep So Much

If you have ever owned a dog, then you have no doubt noticed that man's best friend seems to spend a lot of time sleeping. This can sometimes be disconcerting for first-time dog owners. But rest assured, heavy sleep is simply a natural part of a canine's lifestyle.
Sleep Variables
While the average dog spends about fifty percent of its time sleeping, it can be more or less depending on a few unique factors. Different breeds are more prone to dozing than others, and the environment that a dog lives in can have a significant effect on its sleeping patterns. The number one determining factor for how much a dog sleeps is entirely dependent on the individual animal itself.
For example, dogs that live inside tend to sleep more than dogs that live outside. In addition, working dogs sleep less than dogs that are simply pets. So if you want your dog to spend a little less time catching z's, give it something to do. Dogs often turn to sleep when they're bored, which is why you should give your pet a reason not to feel that way.
Other Factors
Although most of your dog's excessive sleeping can be pinned down to one of the explanations above, there are a few other legitimate causes of excessive sleep in a canine. If a dog is ill or has some kind of a disease, then that dog will no doubt spend an inordinate amount of its time sleeping. Severe diseases like rabies will often cause a dog to spend almost all of its time sleeping.
A good rule of thumb is that if you try to encourage your dog to be active, and it still doesn't want to do anything but sleep, then there may in fact be something wrong with the dog. If this is the case, the best thing that you can do is to get that dog to a vet immediately. From there you can figure out what is wrong with the dog and treat it accordingly.
The Bottom Line
There is a ninety-nine percent chance that the reason your dog spends so much time sleeping is simply because he or she is in fact a dog. If you want your dog to be more active, then you are going to have to put in the work to make the dog more active. A big part of this is to keep your dog as happy and healthy as possible.
Just like humans, dogs are what they eat. If they eat nothing but low quality food, than they are going to be more lethargic than if they were eating a great diet. You can ensure your dog is getting all the nutrients it needs by switching to a Pet Wants dog food blend.